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Rehabilitation made a world of difference for Madeline DeFrancesco after she was hospitalized for pneumonia, and in a short time period, too!


DeFrancesco came to Life Care Center of Merrimack Valley in North Billerica, Massachusetts, on March 8, 2019. She was not able to walk at the time, and she needed significant help with getting dressed. She needed help with most of her activities of daily living, which included bathing, grooming and homemaking tasks like preparing meals and doing laundry.


Physical and occupational therapists worked with DeFrancesco to help her get back to her normal level of function. They did a lot of strengthening exercises and retraining in her ADLs.


Now, DeFrancesco is independent and able to participate in many of her favorite activities, such as crocheting, using her iPad and spending time with her family.


“Physical therapy certainly did a wonderful job,” said DeFrancesco. “They are the reason I am going home.”


DeFrancesco returned home on March 22.